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The Middle East Journal of Medical Genetics is a peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of Genetics particularly genetic diseases affecting populations of the Middle East. It is the official journal of the National Society of Human Genetics in association with the National Research Centre. It is published biannually by the Society and Human Genetics and Genome Research Division, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. The journal has an outstanding International Editorial Board and publishes peer-reviewed papers on original investigations in Clinical Genetics, Orodental Genetics, Cytogenetics, Biochemical Genetics, Immunogenetics, Molecular Genetics, and Prenatal Diagnosis. The fields of Clinical and Molecular Dysmorphology are of particular interest. Other features include review articles, editorial commentaries, short case reports, and ethical, legal and religious aspects of Human Genome Research and its applications.

Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2023 

Study of the Quality of Life in children and adolescents with Disorders of Sex Development (DSD)

Pages 1-14

Mohamed Samir Zamzam; Inas Mohammad Mazen; Hend Mehawed Abdel Latif; Manal M. Thomas; Ghada Mohammad Anwar